Our Services

At HFG Entertainments PVT LTD, we see gaming becoming the largest entertainment form in the Escape Games Category. We offer our clients professional services, ranging from concept prototyping to full-fledged game development, including design, art creation, development and music. Our teams are developing games that harness the power of 2D to create bold and new game experiences

Multi-Platform Game Development

The world is getting more and more connected, even through the power of gaming. We are boosting this connection by being licensed developers for all major game platforms such as Android and iOS. We provide frictionless gaming on the mobile phones and tablets. We build our games with great deal of passion and love for what we do. Oh! We haven’t forgotten about our Windows users as well.

3D Game Development

We, at HFG Entertainment PVT LTD haven't done 3D yet, but are planning on launching our 3D animated games in a glitch of time.

Multi-Platform Application Development

HFG not only develop games but also applications for various platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. Our apps are expanded in a vast array in the play store trending market because of the level of quality we give on UI/UX. An exclusive team, works for Windows OS separately.