Making Of Our Products


We have our jobs divided into various categories to make the game making process at ease. The brainstorming team not only creates concepts for games but also keeps themselves updated on market trends which are attracted by the players. If the winter is coming, we have our winter games coming for our players!


We have come clear of the concept of making games to our players liking. We finalize the concepts that in the top trend and also take in concepts that are related to the season. You have spring? We give you spring. You have thanksgiving? We got turkey!


Every inch of our design is brilliantly made by our designing team. Every designer in HFG puts their heart and soul into the design solely for entertaining the players. Our developers’ team plays an important role in making the graphic into play. Our well experienced developers make sure nothing goes wrong under the development pipeline.


Our quality assurance team keeps their eyes peeled for any comments given by our players. They periodically and recurrently check the games for conceptual gaps, logical errors, game play errors or missing item errors and fix them in the blink of an eye. Their enhanced gaming experience will help to provide quality assurance and compliance testing for iOS and Android games.


Our delivery dates are prompt to point without compromising on the quality of the product. We make sure our client and the players are happy at the end of the day.


We are moving along to the brighter side of the designing community. We are “Coming Soon” with 3D animated game series for our dedicated players. Soon our finale is coming up by producing our own animated feature films for a much bigger audience.